Memorandum of Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement

[Updated August 14, 2017] is a website that brings customers and brands closer to quality Arabic content-writing talent through services such as Arabization (or English-to-Arabic writing or translation), rewriting, and proofreading. This memorandum of agreement (MOA) is between the Naktub website and the independent contractors (such as yourself) signing up to become Naktub Writers. Service providers, merchants, freelance translators, and editors on Naktub will be referred to as [Writers] in this memorandum.

For this relationship to be rewarding, the Writers have to adhere to the following rules:

When choosing a writing job

a. Prior to accepting a job, Writers need to pay attention to the requested scope of work by viewing the job’s word count. They also must be confident that they can submit the final work on time.

b. Writers need to consider the subject category when choosing a writing job. It is recommended that Writers select a field that interests them or one they are familiar with for better-quality output.

c. Writers must use any additional information about the job, such as notes, guidelines and glossary terms, if provided by the customer.

When communicating with a customer

a. Writers must understand that when they are communicating with a customer they are representing the Naktub website. Therefore they need to correspond with the customer in a professional and respectful manner when discussing the writing job.

b. Writers must work conscientiously, always keeping the customer in mind.

c. Writers must take into account customer feedback.

d. Writers must always aim at getting a good rating for a job. This will help them get future work for the same project.

Payment for work

a. There will be a fixed rate per word, and the payment for each job will be based on the word count of the source document.

b. The payout currency will be in Kuwaiti dinar. For the English-to-Arabic writing, the current rate paid to Writers per word would be KWD 0.018, which equates close to USD 0.06 as per the exchange rate of the date of this MOA document update. The payout amount will be converted into the Writer’s country currency. Writers should understand that this rate is subject to change and that they will be informed by email of any changes that have occurred. Writers also must understand that the US dollar value per word won’t be constant.

c. Writers can request payment for the full balance shown on their dashboard, and the Naktub accountants will process the payout request on the 3rd and 18th of each month.

d. Writers must provide accurate payment-related details to receive payments, which may be bank transfers or cash payments.

e. Writers must understand that there will be a payout processing fee based on their country. Currently, Egypt-based Writers are charged KWD 1.5 and, for Jordan, the rate is KWD 2.5 per transaction.

f. Payment method options are bank transfers and/or cash payments disbursed to the Writer’s local remittance or exchange office. Choosing between payment methods may not be optional for Writers in select countries, depending on our assigned payout management office.

g. Naktub accountants will provide Writers with a transaction number for each payout request. It is the Writer’s responsibility to follow up on their payment.

h. Naktub’s payout management partner is Al Mulla Exchange [Kuwait]. To inquire about the status of a particular payout, Writers can contact Naktub’s account manager at Al Mulla Exchange using the following details: Mr. Mohamed Moustafa Ali by mobile and/or WhatsApp number at +(965) 9887-8969 or by email at  mohamed.mali[at]

Grounds for penalty

Writers must focus on quality of work, timely submissions, and customer feedback. Deadlines are set according to the individual job’s word count.

  1. A writing job will be considered a late submission if it exceeds the the time allocated for it. Customers are granted the option from the website to cancel a job if the first submission is not made on time.

  2. When a customer reports an issue (opens a dispute) relating to a writing job, the Writer involved will be given the option to remove him or herself from the dispute by turning down the payment. If Writers choose to reject the dispute, then they get reviewed. If the investigation decides that the fault is the Writer’s, then he or she  will lose the payment for this specific job and their rating will be affected.

  3. Writers will be reviewed once their overall rating drops below 3 out of 5 stars. They will receive a warning and an opportunity to improve their rating prior to elimination from the website.

Writers’ protection

  1. The Naktub website closes a writing job when a customer approves it or when the time limit for customer feedback expires. Translation approval time is 120 hours. If the customer doesn’t request a change on the writing job or he or she approves the document submitted, then the job is considered completed and payment will added to the Writer’s balance.

  2. When the customer submits a request change, the timer will be paused. It resumes only when the Writer provides an updated version of the writing job as per the customer’s comments.

  3. Customers are only allowed two attempts to request changes per writing job.

By choosing to join Naktub, you have agreed to conform with this MOA. Any updates to this MOA will apply to both current and new Writers.

Naktub Management